FM WhatsApp APK Download Free Latest v.9.81 [Oct 2023]

FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest v.9.81 – Almost 1 in 2 people in the world uses WhatsApp, and perhaps you too must be using WhatsApp somewhere, because WhatsApp has brought a revolution in the whole world, ever since the invention of WhatsApp. Since then, people’s message and call problems have been resolved.

Whenever we need to send a message or call, we use WhatsApp. Because it provides us the facility to make messages and calls absolutely free. That’s why everyone downloads FM WhatsApp and uses it.

But you must have heard about FM WhatsApp many times, then you must have started wondering what is FM WhatsApp, and how to download FM WhatsApp. Apart from this, many questions related to FMWhatsApp are coming in your mind, so today we will Are going to know about that also.

FM WhatsApp APP Download 2023

NameFMWhatsApp Apk
Current Version4.1 and up
Apk Size50 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
FM WhatsApp APK Download 2023
FM WhatsApp APK Download Free Latest v.9.81 [Sep 2023]

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a communication app exactly like WhatsApp. In which we can do all the tasks like message and call, but FM WhatsApp is not an official WhatsApp Apk, rather FMWhatsApp is a Mod Version Apk of Original WhatsApp.

Mod WhatsApp Apk means when an app is made exactly like WhatsApp by a third party developer as per the needs of the people, the app itself is FM WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp Full FormFouad Mokdad WhatsApp. This is a Mod Version of WhatsApp in which we get more features than Official WhatsApp, due to which people want to know about how to download FM WhatsApp Apk.

How to Download FM WhatsApp Apk

When we said how to download FM WhatsApp apk, many people might be thinking that just as we downloaded the official WhatsApp from Play Store, in the same way we will also download the FM WhatsApp apk in our mobile.

But wait a bit, you cannot download FM WhatsApp app from Play Store, because FM WhatsApp apk is not an official WhatsApp, nor is FM WhatsApp created by WhatsApp company.

FM WhatsApp apk has been created by some other developer, and it is the Mod version of WhatsApp, due to which you cannot download it from Play Store.

But now it comes to how to download FMWhatsApp apk, for this you will have to read this post completely, only then you can download FM WhatsApp apk.

FM WhatsApp Download Latest v9.81 APK

Downloading FM WhatsApp is quite easy, and we can easily download it by going to Google, follow the steps given below to download FM WhatsApp app, after which you will understand how to download FM WhatsApp apk.

  1. If you want to download FMWhatsApp, then first of all open Chrome or any other browser in your mobile.
  2. After that you have to click on search after which you have to write FM WhatsApp Download Apk and search.
  3. After which now many search results will appear in front of you out of which you have to click on the first or second website.
  4. Now you have reached the FM WhatsApp downloading website.
  5. After that, you will get a button on that website to click on FM WhatsApp Download v9.81 APK.
  6. Now FM WhatsApp downloading will have started in your mobile.

Download FM WhatsApp

Features of FM WhatsApp App

Whenever we use official Whatsapp in our mobile, we do not get many features. Which we need, but when we download FM WhatsApp in our mobile and use it in our mobile, then we get many unique features which we can use.

  1. Customization: Any type of customization can be done in FM WhatsApp apk. In this we can use any themes as per our choice absolutely free.
  2. As you know, if you use real WhatsApp, then if you want to message any person, then you will have to first save the mobile number of that boy or girl, only then you can message him/her through WhatsApp, But in FM WhatsApp you can message without saving the number.
  3. Anti-Delete Status: When a person posts his own status on WhatsApp and after some time he deletes that status, then you cannot see it but when you use FM WhatsApp in your mobile. So you can also see that deleted status.
  4. Increased Message limit: In Official WhatsApp, you can send messages to only 5 people at a time, but when you use FM WhatsApp, you can send messages to 500 people at a time.
  5. Media Sharing Limit: If you share more images and videos on WhatsApp, then you would know that you cannot share more than 30 images and large size videos at one time in WhatsApp. But if you want to overcome this problem then you can use FM WhatsApp.
  6. Apart from this, we also get many more features in FM WhatsApp apk which you can use by using FM WhatsApp.

This is all about the features of FM WhatsApp app. Let us now go to how to download FM WhatsApp apk in your mobile.

FM WhatsApp APK Download Free Latest v.9.81 [Sep 2023]

How to Update FM WhatsApp apk

Just as we cannot download FM WhatsApp from Play Store, in the same way we cannot update FM WhatsApp app from Play Store, if you also want to update your FM WhatsApp then see below.

As we know it is very important to update any app, and when we talk about FM WhatsApp apk update, many people do not understand how to update FM WhatsApp due to which they use the old FM WhatsApp. Keep using WhatsApp only.

  • To update FM WhatsApp, go to Google, after which you have to type FM WhatsApp Latest Version Download in the search.
  • After which you have to go to any one website.
  • After that, from there you have to download FM WhatsApp Latest Version in your mobile.
  • After that you have to install this latest version FM WhatsApp in your mobile.
  • In this way you can update FM WhatsApp.

How to Create Account in FM WhatsApp?

If you have ever created a WhatsApp account in real WhatsApp then you already know how to create an account in FMWhatsApp because in FMWhatsApp the account is created in exactly the same way as we create it in Official WhatsApp.

  1. To create an account in FMWhatsApp, open FM WhatsApp.
  2. After that you have to enter your mobile number and click on Next.
  3. Now you will have to verify your number on FM WhatsApp.
  4. For which an OTP will come on your mobile number which you have to enter here.
  5. Now you have to enter Name and DP after which your FM WhatsApp account will be created.


Downloading FM WhatsApp can lead to account ban.

WhatsApp company has said that if you use any WhatsApp Mod Apk other than Official WhatsApp then your WhatsApp account may be banned.

is fm whatsapp legal or not

FM WhatsApp is a Mod Apk and Official WhatsApp has advised not to use it due to which FM WhatsApp is not a legal app.

How to download FM WhatsApp Latest Version

We have given you complete information about how to download FM WhatsApp Latest Version in this post, which you can see.

Is FM WhatsApp safe?

No, because official Whatsapp does not recommend using this app and still you use it, then only you are responsible for it.

Where to download FM WhatsApp

We can download FM WhatsApp by going to any browser, complete information about downloading FM WhatsApp is given in this post.

How to turn on FM WhatsApp

There is no need to learn to start this FM WhatsApp because you can start it just like the official WhatsApp.


We do not support FM WhatsApp apk in any way. If you want to use WhatsApp then you can use Official WhatsApp. The purpose of this post was only to provide you information about FM WhatsApp.