PikaShow APK Download Free Latest v83 For Android 2023

Pikashow Apk Download: Today the form of television has completely changed. Today, the Android phone in human hands has taken the form of television. The same thing which we used to sit in front of the TV at home and watch various types of broadcasts, is still in our hands but As you know, to watch television we have to recharge, that is why everyone wants to download PikaShow App.

Pika Show App is free, there is no need of a single penny to use it, just download Pikashow App and install it on your phone, then you can enjoy the features given in this app. This app can be used mostly in sports like IPL and World Cup. A lot is done in the matches. During the IPL season, all the cricket lovers look for an app to watch the IPL.

As we know that the craze of IPL and ODI tournament is seen not only in India but all over the world. If you are looking for a platform to watch free cricket matches online, then picashow App can be a great option for you. By downloading the app, you can watch not only cricket matches but also new movies, serials, Web series, sports etc.

Often people using smartphones go to Play Store to download any app, but let us tell you that PikaShow App is not on Play Store. pikashoo App can be downloaded from Google. How to download Pikashow Apk? If you want to know then stay on the post till the end.

PikaShow APK Download Free Latest v83 For Android 2023

What is Pikashow?

Pikashow is an Android app on which you can watch videos of many categories for free, like live videos, movies, TV shows, live news, sports etc. online for free. Apart from this, you can watch live matches going on around the world for free through this app. For example, you can watch live telecast of tournaments like World Cup, IPL.

PikaShow App Download 2023

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pikashow apk — download

You can watch IPL full live telecast like Thop TV App by downloading PikaShow. Pika Show App downloading is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is that unlike Pikashow, we have to take a subscription to watch live cricket matches. And pick shaw App shows live cricket matches and IPL for free.

How to download Pikashow Apk? – PikaShow Apk Download

Pikashow app is a great platform to watching live matches. If you search on Play Store to download this app, you will not find it. Google, this app is against the policy of Google, you will have to download it from Google. How to download PikaShow Apk is complete. The process is explained step-by-step below.

Step-1. First of all, open the Chrome browser in your mobile and search “PikaShow Apk Download” on Google.

Step-2. You will see many websites in the search results, click on the first or second website.

Step-3. Now you will come to the official website of PikaShow, you will have to scroll down a bit, you will see “DOWNLOAD APK”, click on it.

Step-4. Now you will have to wait for 5 seconds, then you will get the option of “DOWNLOAD APK”, by clicking on it you can download the latest version of PIKASHOW APK.

Disclaimer: Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense under Indian law and we oppose the promotion and use of any kind of website or app. This information is only to tell you about the application.

How to Install Pikashow App?

If you download any app from Play Store, it automatically gets installed in your phone. You do not have to give any kind of setting or permission. Similarly, if you download an app from Google, you can install it automatically on any app downloaded from Play Store. It is easy to install it in your phone.

Because the app can be downloaded and installed on the phone in one click from the Play Store, but installing any app downloaded from Google in your phone can be a bit difficult for new people. Let us see how to install the Picshow app. Know about it.

Step-1. After successfully downloading the Picshow app, go to the Downloads section by clicking on the three dots on the top right side of the Chrome browser.

Step-2. Now here you will get the downloaded file of PikaShow APK, click on it.

Step-3. After this, you will see two options Cancel and Install, you have to click on the Install option.

After doing this, the pikashow apk — free download will be completely installed on your smartphone.

How to Use Pikashow App?

After downloading and installing the pikashow app, the question in your mind will be that how to use it, so let us tell you.

Step-1. Once PicShow is completely installed, open it.

Step-2. You will see two options in front of you, Next and Skip. You have to click on the Skip option.

Step-3. After this, many options will appear in front of you like Bollywood, Hollywood, Web Series, Live TV etc., you can select as per your wish.

How to Update Pikashow App?

As important as it is to use any app, it is equally important to update it from time to time. Updates are brought in any app to do something better.

Although we update the app downloaded from Play Store by going to Play Store, but when it comes to how to update the pikashow app downloaded from Google, let us know about it.

Step-1. First of all, uninstall the old PikaShow Apk from your phone.

Step-2. After that, go to Google search and open the pikashow.app website.

Step-3. On the homepage of the website, you will see the option of PikaShow APK New Version Download.

Step-4. You have to click on it, after click you will have to wait for 10 seconds, then you will get the option of PikaShow Apk Latest Version Download, by clicking on it you can download the latest version of PIKASHOW App.

Step-5. After downloading Pikashow, you have to install it again in your phone.

How to Watch Live IPL on PikaShow App?

As we know that Pikashow is a free live swimming app on which you can watch live telecast like movie, IPL, World Cup, let us know how to watch Live Cricket Match after downloading PikaShow.

Step-1. After installing the Pikashow app, you have to open it, for example, when you open it, the option of Next & Skip will appear in front of you, you have to click on the skip option.

Step-2. Now the app will open, click on the LiveTV option on the bottom right.

Step-3. After that you will get to see many TV channels but you have to choose the option of Star Sports.

Step-4. Now you will have to wait for some time, after that automatically IPL Match Live will be seen playing, in this way you can watch IPL for free from PikaShow App.

Pikashow App Features

Pikashow app has many great features for entertainment. If you want, you can directly access YouTube, Telegram, Internet etc. from Pikashow apk. Pikashow has more features, let us know about all the features one by one.

1. Bollywood Movies

PikaShow APK Download Free Latest v83 For Android 2023

In the Bollywood section, you will get to watch New Latest Bollywood Movies. This feature is being liked a lot by the people who watch new latest movies. Whatever new movie is released in it, you will get to watch it.

2. Hollywood Movies

PikaShow APK Download Free Latest v83 For Android 2023

People who like to watch Hollywood movies will be able to watch latest action movies, horror movies, space movies etc. Hollywood files in this section.

3. Web Series

PikaShow APK Download Free Latest v83 For Android 2023

Nowadays many great series are being made, if you like watching series then by choosing this section you will be able to watch new web series.

4. Live TV

PikaShow APK Download Free Latest v83 For Android 2023

This is the most used section in the Pikashow apk because many TV channels can be seen in it. Mostly this section is used mostly in sports like IPL and World Cup. In this, you will be able to watch live cricket for free from Star Sport channel.


PikaShow App belongs to which country?

Picshow is an Indian app.

Who is the owner of PikaShow App?

The name of the owner of Picshow app has not been revealed yet.

Is PikaShow App safe to use?

Apart from Play Store, it is not safe to use any kind of app downloaded from Google, you can use it at your own risk.


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