WinZo App Download Free – How to Earn Money from WinZo 2023

Do you also want to earn money online like me? So for this you should have knowledge about WinZO Games, then let us know How to earn money from WinZO? and Winzo App Download, Winzo APK Download.

This is the best money earning app ever, with the help of which you can earn more than ₹ 10,000+ every month. Winzo is India’s largest gaming platform where more than 70 games are present.

I have earned more than ₹ 25,000+ in the last few days from the application so far, so I can give you the right information about WinZO Game and also tell you How to Make Money from WinZO, so you can read our post Must read completely.

What is WinZO Games? – Winzo App Download

App Name WinZO Games
App DeveloperSahil Mahajan
Total Downloads 10 Million+
Ratings 4.7 Ratings
App DownloadDownload Now !

Winzo App Download Games is an online gaming application where you can earn thousands of rupees by playing games in your free time. People have earned more than 200 crores by playing games from this application and till now there are some 7 crores active users.

Here you can earn money by playing fun games like WinZO Ludo, Bubble Shooter 2, Carrom, Fruit Samurai, Fantasy Cricket & Pool, just for this you have to do a small work that download this app in your mobile.

How to Earn Money from Winzo 2023

I have been earning online for the last 2 years, out of which some part of my income comes from these Online Earning Applications and in these two years I downloaded the app from which I earned money, the best application I found was WinZO App Games.

WinZo App Download Free – How to Earn Money from WinZo 2023

The reason for this is also that when I transfer my payment to Bank Transfer or UPI Transfer, I do not have to wait for that, I get the money immediately. Mahendra Singh Dhoni promotes this application.

You people have heard a lot about this app on YouTube earlier, I also got information about it from there itself, but at that time I felt that how much money can be earned from an application that earns money by playing a game.

That’s why I did not download it, then a few days later I saw WinZO App Games Payment Screenshot of some people, after seeing which I immediately downloaded this application.

And from the same day I started getting money, slowly when I came to know more things about an application, since then till today it has become my best app.

So come then you people also learn How to Make money from WinZO APP? For this, first of all you have to download WinZO Games APK in your mobile.

How to Download WinZO Games APK?

Their official website to download Winzo App game is from where you can download this app. If you download it in your mobile from our given download link, then in return you get ₹ 55, which you can use to play the game further.

So let’s know again How to download & install WinZO APP Game: –

Step 1:- You can use our link to download Winzo APP Game, which will benefit both of us.

When you click on this link, you will reach the website of Winzo Game, then you will have to click on the Download Link there and this app will start downloading.

Step 2:- Now it is time to install it, it is a Third Party App, so in this case we have to allow Unknown Sources, only after which WinZO APP Games can be installed.

After turning on Unknown Sources, go to the Download Folder of File Manager and install it by clicking on the WinZOgames.apk file.

Step 3: – Along with starting WinZO APP Games, you will have to choose the language, then select it on English.

Winzo App Download – How to Earn Money from Winzo 2023

Step 4: – When you start Wingo Games for the first time, you have to register with your mobile number, so now you write your same mobile number from which you have started Paytm Number or UPI.

This will benefit you when you win money from WinZO App Game, then with the help of this you can transfer your money immediately.

Winzo App Download – How to Earn Money from Winzo 2023

After writing the mobile number, an OTP comes, which has to be filled in that box and then click on the registration button.

And you can also give all your personal information to create your profile.

After doing so much, the registration process is completed, now it comes to know how to earn money from it, then there are some ways that you can use.

Ways to Earn Money from WinZO:-

Now more games have come on Winzo than before and there have been ways to earn more money, first of all money can be earned only by playing games, but now if you do not know how to play games then there is no need to worry.

Money can be earned from Winzo even without playing games, but before that you should have complete knowledge about all these methods, only then you will be able to use it properly.

1. Learn How To Make Money Playing Games With WinZO

Now there are about 100+ more Interesting Games available on Winzo, from which you can earn money, for this you start the WinZO Games App and the Game List will appear in it, now you can play whatever game you like.

For example, if I want to win money by playing WinZO Ludo Game, then for that I have to first click on WinZO Ludo Game, after that you have to decide how much money you want to play the game, in the beginning you want to learn free ones. You can also click on

Now suppose that you want to play the game by spending ₹ 10, then for that you have to add ₹ 10 to your Wallet first, you can do this from Paytm Wallet or UPI as well.

After money is added to WinZO Wallet, you participate in that game, then as soon as the game starts, you play it properly, when the game is over, its result will come, whoever won that game will get its prize immediately.

Now if you want, you can also get those money transferred to your Paytm Wallet or Bank.

2. How to Earn Money from WinZO World War?

To earn money from WinZO, this method is very good for those people who are very expert in playing games, I am saying this for the same reason because here two teams are formed by mixing many people, now in these two Whichever team scores more than that will be considered as the winner.

So for this, after starting WinZO App, you will get an option named World War, click on it. Now different types of contests are going on here, you can participate in any one if you want.

Some contests are absolutely free, so that you can win money even without investing money, then after participating inside the game, you will have to choose any one of your team, if you score more in that team, then you will get more money.

Before the start of the game, you are told that how much prize you will get, which is distributed among all the players.

3. Way to Make Money from WinZO Fantasy League

The way you will earn money by making a team on Dream11 or My 11 Circle, in the same way this WinZO Fantasy League also works, in this you have to prepare a team of your own.

And it has to be guessed that which player can score how many scores or who will take more wickets. After doing this kind of prediction, if you are right and your score is high, then in return you will get a prize which is very high.

It can go from ₹70,000 to ₹80,000 or more but you should play this kind of game at your own risk because if you guess wrong, it can drown all your money.

4. Earn Money by Playing Daily Puzzle

Do you like to play Puzzle, I like to play Puzzle very much, I mostly play this game in my spare time, now if it happens that you can earn money by playing this game, then it would be a good thing.

To earn money from WinZO, you can also earn money by Daily Puzzle Solve, for this you have to download WinZO APK in your mobile, some people also know it by the name of WinZO Gold.

So you come to the Daily Puzzle section and some lists will appear here, join any of those contests, for this you will also have to pay Game Joining Fees, which is not much.

Now if you are good at Puzzle Game then you can easily win this game after which if you win Winzo game then in return you will get money which is added to WinZO Wallet.

5. How to get Free Fire Diamonds from WinZO?

Now very few people will know that you can download WinZO App to get Free Fire Diamonds, with the help of this you can get FF Diamonds which you get in ₹ 85 for ₹ 82 i.e. you get 12 Free Fire Diamonds for buying Free Fire Diamonds. % Discount will be available.

At one time you can buy 20 Quantity of this Free Fire Diamond, if your friend buys this type of Diamond to play Free Fire, then you can buy it from them.

6. Earn Money by Playing Free Fire Tournament

Free Fire is such a mobile game, everyone likes it from small children to big people, if you also like to play this game, then you must know about this thing that Per Kill in Free Fire from WinZO Gold You get paid to do it.

For this, you have to search by writing Free Fire in WinZO Game, then its tournament will appear, which you will have to join, now you will get information about how much money you will get for doing Per Kill.

It works in such a way that for conducting the tournament, first some people are made to join, then Id & Password are given to everyone by creating a Custom Room, then whoever kills as many as they kill, that much money is given to them.

7 WinZO Refer & Earn

By using this Refer & Earn Program of Winjo, many people have earned lakhs of rupees without playing games or doing any other work, this is such a way to earn money from Winzo which everyone must know because in this way you can earn money. Can easily earn 40-60 rupees.

That’s why you just have to create Refer Link and for this, when you open WinZO App, then you will get an option called Refer, click on it, then there will be Refer & Earn Button. Clicking on that you will get WinZO Referral Link.

Which you can promote this link through your friends, YouTube Channel or Blog, when any person will use your Refer Link to download WinZO App for the first time, then both he and you will get money.

How to Withdraw Earned Money from WinZO?

Till now you have learned about earning money from WinZO, but it is equally important for you to know that how to withdraw money from WinZO? So for this to work you have to first start the Winzo app.

Before this, you should know that you have Paytm Account, Amazon Pay or any Bank Account whose IFSC Code is necessary to know.

If you also have all this information, then you can get the money earned from WinZO transferred to your Paytm.

  • All the money you have won by playing games from Winzo will go to your WinZO Wallet, so you should turn on WinZO Wallet.
  • How many rupees you have won will be found written in Winnings, right in front of that there will be a Withdraw button, now you have to click on it.
  • Then write the amount of how many rupees you want to withdraw.
  • After that choose whatever payment method you want to use to transfer money from WinZO.
  • As if I want this money to come in my Paytm Account, then I will click on the Link Button in front of Paytm.
  • Now you have to enter your Paytm Number so that it can be linked, for this purpose an OTP will come from Paytm, which you will see correctly and enter as soon as your account is verified.
  • In the end, click on Withdraw, after a small processing, your money will reach Paytm, for which it does not take much time.


Is WinZO Real Money App?

Yes, WinZO is a Real Money App, from here you can earn money by playing games daily.

How to earn money from WinZO?

Here from Winzo, we have told you some 7 ways that will help you earn money while playing games.

How long does it take to withdraw money from WinZO?

It takes no time to transfer money from Winzo to Paytm, as soon as you place the Withdraw request, they are immediately transferred to your Paytm or Bank.

Who is the owner of WinZO?

The name of the owner of Winzo game is Saumya Singh Rathore and Pawan Singh Nanda.


I hope that you guys must have liked this blog post of ours in which you have been given complete information about How to Earn Money from WinZo (WinZO Se Paise Kaise Kamaye) and all the ways to earn money from WinZO. WinZO is considered to be the best app in terms of earning money from mobile.

If you have any question, then you can ask by writing in the comment box below, we will definitely answer your question.